Saturday, December 31, 2016

Eileen's New Car

Eileen finally decided on a new car and took me for a joy ride.
Very nice and loaded.  Came back for a pork belly dinner for the end of the weekend.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dinner at Izakaya Sakura and Dessert at Boba Bar

My friend Wayland came to town and we went out for dinner at Izakaya Sakura.  Our original intent was to go to Bistro Kaz, but it is closed on Mondays.  

After a yelp consultation, we tried the curry and was not disappointed.
We had an appetizer of chicken.
But we were too early for the sushi as the chef did not report for duty until 6.

After dinner, we headed to Zion Market where we tried out the Boba Bar.  I order a scoop of lychee ice cream while Wayland ordered the shaved ice.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mr. Cool and the Gang

Jeri and I finally got all of the fleeces cleaned and processed back.  I now have huge bags of fiber.
Jeri went one further and spun and knit and then felted mittens for her upcoming trip to Iceland.
Super soft and great colors.  I can't wait to start on my pile of fluff.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bags for Val

I was also able to finish before christmas the bags that Val requested.
I am now an expert at making these bionic gear bags.  I have a cool zipper technique that saves on waste so I was able to only use 3 zippers for each bag.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chocolate Making

After I recovered quite a bit, Jon, Karen, and I went to Sweet Petite Confections for a chocolate making class.  It was very professional and organized.

We made two different types of chocolates - molds and bark.

We started with the bark by choosing from the options table.
We the broke everything we picked into small pieces and then stirred in the chocolate before laying everything out on a pan and spreading then.  Into the freezer and we ended up with yummy chocolate.
The molds started with a chocolate covering.
We then poured out the chocolate so only a thin layer remained and then piped in fillings.  Jon filled his molds a bit too much so he was using corn chips to scoop out filling and just stuffing in his mouth.
The filled molds before the last chocolate layer.
Once filled and frozen, the final pieces were very professional.
I was the only wearing white and of course chocolate ended up on me.
Great class and close to home.  I would love to take another class.

Monday, December 26, 2016

South Coast Plaza

The next morning after checking out, we went to South Coast Plaza to wait in line for Din Tai Fung.  The line was super long and we hung out for a while before being seated.  We just missed the first seating.

Patience was rewarded and we had a hearty meal.
We then shopped at Uniqlo for a few things and saw these in the Lego store.
Grace did some shopping as did I and we went home tired but satisfied.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Last Day at Disneyland

Back in September for my birthday, Andrea got us 3 day passes to Disneyland but we only used 2 of the days.  I had one more day so Grace and I decided to make a weekend out of it.  We headed out early saturday and made it up to Anaheim in good time and once we got ourselves situated, we hit main street.
The christmas tree was up.
A stop for coffee and cookies.
And a fully decorated castle.
We saw some young jedis in training.
Saw the parade.
And had seafood for lunch.
We headed over the California Adventure for some shack snacks.
Saw a gorgeous sunset.
Obtained a box dinner to reserved seats for the light parade.
Caught the haunted house.
And back to the christmas tree for the night time fireworks.
We stayed over at a Hyatt since it was too late to drive home.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Catching Up

It has been quite a while since I have been here.  I had a bit of travel and then the whammy hit and I was laid out totally out of commission for about 2 weeks.  Needless to say, nothing happened that was exciting and lots of time in-between the bed and the sofa with the TV on and cuddling with the fur baby.
I'll backtrack over the next few days to catch up.