Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Poki One N Half

My new boss from Chicago visited me and when she landed, I tried to take her to Pokirrito, but the parking was insane, so we tried out Poki One N Half.

The line was long but moving fairly quickly.  Faster than Pokirrito and more "subway" like.  More choices here for bowls and one option for a burrito.

We both got regular bowls and half and half rice and salad.  She chose scallops and I had two servings of spicy tuna.  Lots of food for $8.99 so only needed a snack for dinner.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Rejuvenating Weekend

After the past couple of weeks, I was glad to have some time off.  Thankful for veterans and an extra day of rest.

Some chores done and breakfast with friends on one day, but mostly I spent time at home hanging with Bailey.
Val's project of bags got to the half way point on all three.
And I got a warp wound for Grace's towels.
Cottolin with easter colors.  2 bouts of 216 ends and now they are attached to the back beam.  Another day for winding on and dressing the loom.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Disappointing Results

We all met up again for a results party for the election and the mood was upbeat at the beginning of the night.  As a tongue in cheek manner, Karen chose an unhealthy menu.  We had tomato pie, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, wiener corn pops, and ambrosia.
As the night wore on, we all became extremely concerned and had to end up eating cookies and cake.  I guess our intention didn't work out.
Petey's face summed up my feelings.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Weekend in Las Vegas

Since my work took longer than expected I stayed over the weekend in Vegas and stayed with Andrea.  I ended up working over the weekend as the other agent offered.  Glad to have supportive co-workers.

We did have time for some eating as always.  We went to a "subway" pizza place that I haven't been to at home.  PizzaRez allows for different crusts but I went with my usual thin crust.  Same types of toppings and sauce.  The pizzas were a little smaller and since I was super hungry, I ate the whole thing.  I believe that we have a better deal at home for more pizza for a little more money.
We also went to Roberto's for lunch where I had a carnitas burrito and horchata.
Dinners included Thai at Pin Kaow and home made pumpkin ravioli.
I saw a bunny in Andrea's yard too and the weather was great.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Nevada Field Trip

In continuing with field work, we bedded down in Laughlin since work was going much smoother time wise.  This trip has been harder than most since it has been the longest trip where I'm mentally exhausted with people yelling and cursing me.  I guess this is the balance.

First night at the casino hotel and we ended up having a meat and potatoes meal.  The Range steakhouse was very high class but the evening was marred by a table of women near us talking super loud and complaining about everything.
Cool bread combo.
Appetizer of tomato and mozzarella.
A house salad with my prime rib dinner and an order of garlic mashed potatoes.
Jules ordered a flat iron steak with asparagus.
The next day ended up in Las Vegas and after a long meeting, we had a late lunch at 3:00 at WT Pho?.
We closed out the day with a walk down Fremont Street and checking out the vintage slots.
A last glance at the Mob Museum - I will need to visit this place one day.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Arizona Field Trip

Since the hot weather has passed, I ventured to Arizona by starting my trek to Tucson.  Arrived late and had to settle for burgers from Five Guys for dinner.  The next day was a southern drive into Green Valley and on the way back north, we stopped for sushi at Sachiko.
The trek then headed further north to Phoenix where we landed for the night.  Dinner was at Avanti where the decor reminded me of where wise guys met up for meetings.
Service was super fast and dishes were smothered in sauce.
More north had us in Winslow for lunch at the Brown Mug, a recommendation from the Postal Service where it is rumored it was one of Harrison Ford's stops when he flies into town.
The combo platter was good and it came with sopaipillas.
More north only Indian land and spotty cell service with a possible weather system moving in but we didn't get any rain.  The setting sun as we headed into Flagstaff was beautiful.
Dinner was at Sakura attached to the hotel and the sushi chef steered us away from ordering too much food so we didn't try the holloween specials.
Last view in Arizona before we left the state.