Thursday, November 10, 2016

Weekend in Las Vegas

Since my work took longer than expected I stayed over the weekend in Vegas and stayed with Andrea.  I ended up working over the weekend as the other agent offered.  Glad to have supportive co-workers.

We did have time for some eating as always.  We went to a "subway" pizza place that I haven't been to at home.  PizzaRez allows for different crusts but I went with my usual thin crust.  Same types of toppings and sauce.  The pizzas were a little smaller and since I was super hungry, I ate the whole thing.  I believe that we have a better deal at home for more pizza for a little more money.
We also went to Roberto's for lunch where I had a carnitas burrito and horchata.
Dinners included Thai at Pin Kaow and home made pumpkin ravioli.
I saw a bunny in Andrea's yard too and the weather was great.

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