Monday, November 7, 2016

Nevada Field Trip

In continuing with field work, we bedded down in Laughlin since work was going much smoother time wise.  This trip has been harder than most since it has been the longest trip where I'm mentally exhausted with people yelling and cursing me.  I guess this is the balance.

First night at the casino hotel and we ended up having a meat and potatoes meal.  The Range steakhouse was very high class but the evening was marred by a table of women near us talking super loud and complaining about everything.
Cool bread combo.
Appetizer of tomato and mozzarella.
A house salad with my prime rib dinner and an order of garlic mashed potatoes.
Jules ordered a flat iron steak with asparagus.
The next day ended up in Las Vegas and after a long meeting, we had a late lunch at 3:00 at WT Pho?.
We closed out the day with a walk down Fremont Street and checking out the vintage slots.
A last glance at the Mob Museum - I will need to visit this place one day.

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