Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finished One 2012 Goal - Socks

One of my 2012 goals was to finish knitting a pair of socks that fit.  I knit a pair of color work socks that were too big so I gave them to my Dad.

I have been hard at work on a few pairs of sock and this is the first pair I have been able to finish.
The yarn is Mountain Feat (super wash merino) from Lonesome Stone Yarn from Granby, Colorado.  I purchased it from a knit group peep who was a distributor for the company.  I was totally attracted to the rainbow colors.

I also used my Chiao Goo Red Lace needles in size US 1 (2.25mm).  The socks are being blocked on my Bryson Distributing Stainless Steel Sock blockers.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tunisian Crochet

I have talked about before when I signed up for a sock knitting class.  Recently, there was a Tunisian Crochet class with Jennifer Hansen - also known for hairpin lace.

I signed up since there was a half off special and went to Jennifer's shop and purchased an interchangeable crochet hook set.  I was able to select a green case and teal cables.
As part of the class, Jennifer also has a coupon for a discount for shopping at her website.

I dug out some corn yarn I bought in Arizona a few years back.  I tried using the yarn for a scarf or something, but the yarn was not cooperative.

The sample for the class is crocheted in silk but I substituted for a DK weight yarn that I had in stash that was not wool based.  It is interesting to note that I don't have much DK weight yarn and nothing except this corn yarn that does not contain some type of wool.

I had to restart the project a few times since I kept dropping stitches but practice develops muscle memory so I was able to finish this in a couple of days.
Here is the completed spa cloth.
The next segment of the class includes the same spa cloth pattern, but instead of one color of yarn, it will be color work with three colors of yarn.

I will have to go to the LYS and purchase three skeins of some DK weight cotton or cotton blend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pepper vs. Coyotes

Spent a pretty restful Sunday prepping, cooking and doing chores on a overcast day.

A rather uneventful day until 9:30 pm when Bailey sent up an alert out in the backyard.  When I went out to check to see what the ruckus was about, there were four coyotes milling around the lower fence with a silent Pepper.

My flashlight scared them away with Bailey standing at the top of the yard barking like a fiend.

When Pepper came back up, I noticed blood dripping and her side was all red.  When I checked her over, it seems that her right ear tip had been torn off.  I'm not sure how exactly this happened but I couldn't get the blood to stop.

Off we went to the Animal ER of which Pepper is no stranger.  She is the only one that only gets sick or hurt on weekends and nights.  Her file was pulled up with no problem and she went in to have her ear tip cut and sutured.  

Here is her sutured ear.
And Ms. Conehead will be around for 14 days.
Home by 11:00 pm and needless to say, the upper gate is now closed.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spinning on a Journey Wheel

Our regular spin group meet up allowed me to spin on Jan's Journey Wheel.  It is  a beautiful work of woodworking art.  It is made by Jonathan Bosworth who also makes the charkha that I have.
I spun up some green fiber that I found in the closet from a monthly fiber club I had participated in when I first started spinning.  After spinning the first ball, I decided that this was not a wheel for me and Jan allowed me to spin the rest on her Sidekick.  I got through everything except the larger batt.
Fun times, good food and social bonding with my spinning peeps.
Spinach Dip
Garden Salad
Strawberry salad
Fruit Salad

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Took a trip to Vegas and boy was the desert wind strong and hot.  There was absolutely no moisture in the air.  The high temperature was 86 degrees and the airport was crawling with people.  It has been a little while since I visited and I was able to rent a brand new Hyundai for my day trip.
Lots of construction going on all over the strip moving into downtown.  Looks like the construction down turn has reversed directions.  Lots of people all over the strip as well.

Took some pictures along Las Vegas Blvd.
On the way back to the airport I spotted the pawn shop that had a huge "as seen on TV" placard and a line of people down the block waiting to go in.  I only caught one episode of this show when my parents were visiting.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sherbet Yarn

I posted a few days ago about the sample batt I received when I bought my Sidekick wheel.

I plied the single on itself for a 2-ply yarn and got about 300 yards.  It should be enough to knit a small shawl.
It really reminds me of strawberry and orange sherbet.

I plied it on my mSpinner and after taking it off the bobbin, I decided to clean my WooLee Winder.  I ran into a snag putting it back together so it had to go to the WooLee Winder hospital in Oregon.

I hope to get it back soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jennie Plyer

I am so easily enabled....My friend Shelly posted on her blog about the Jennie plyer from Forsyth and I followed the link to see what it was about.

I recalled my bud, Jude told me about this bobbin winder but I didn't really think about it much - I guess repetition finally did me in.
I also got a new tool for my drum carder that should help me pull batts off easily.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Handspun Handwoven Shawl Project

I have been involved with quite a few sheep to shawl demonstrations and I did not have the good luck to win one of the completed shawls.

With my bad luck at winning things, I decided that I would tackle spinning and weaving my own shawl.

One of my new favorite fibers is Polworth and I have some in white and a brown/gray.  The white is in prepared top form and the brown/gray is cleaned locks.

I also decided to add some color - my favorite green, of course.  I did buy some electric green Romney when I was at Black Sheep Gathering last June and decided to prepare those locks by combing.
I am using my new Forsyth combs to prepare the fiber.

The green Romney - locks, combed, spun singles.
The Polworth - locks, combed, and spun singles.
I'm aiming for a DK weight 2-ply yarn and I'm contemplating a plain weave with some stripes in brown/gray and green with the majority being white.

It will probably be a multi-year project since my looms are busy right now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Supper Club for April

The theme was Spring Dinner Party hosted by Janet.  
The menu consisted of:
Grapefruit-and-Fennel Salad
Moroccan Cornish Hens
Cilantro free version for Kim
Mustard-Dressed Asparagus
Parsnip Puree
And Chocolate-Apricot Strudel

Everything was delicious as usual with some substitutions that included more fat.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Unexpected Gift

I received a Starbucks gift card in the mail from a friend who I must have given some financial advice to a while back.  I don't remember giving the advice, but it must have been fruitful since the investment doubled in a few years.

I'm glad that my recommendation was prosperous for someone - I hope I took my own advice but I can't recall what it was.....

It is nice to be thanked.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spinning with Friends

Got to attend a spin group meet up and I was very productive.  I received 59 grams of this sherbet-y batt of some kind of wool from St. Seraphina Fiber Arts where I bought my Sidekick wheel.

It sat around for a bit and I decided to take it along to spin group.
I have been seeing quite a few batts spun from the center and decided to try that technique.  The center formed a swirl pattern.
I was able to finish the singles which I will ply on itself in a really pretty coloring.
I can't wait to see the result after letting the singles rest a bit.

We then headed to Thai Pan for dinner and the fish dish looked fabulous.
I ordered the Thai BBQ chicken and I believe I got half a chicken.  It was tasty but way too much meat so I figured I have a couple of lunches and maybe a dinner in the future.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Knitting Bags Galore

For anyone that knows me in real life - you probably know that I have a serious problems with bags - of any kind.  I somehow got myself in a corner that I was totally seduced by bags for my knitting projects.  Some were sales, other were lures from enablers, and some where based on past love.

Over the past week or so, here is what arrived in the mail.

These bags are from JessaLu and are perfect for my two at a time sock knitting projects of which I somehow have four in process.
These bags are from Slipped Stitch Studios and are great small bags with lining and pockets on the inside.
Lastly, here are the medium and small bags from Knittings My Bag and they are large enough to fit a sweater project.  The great thing about this order was that every one was custom made for me.  You get to pick out the fabric you like and then the size of bag or bags.