Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chocolate Making

After I recovered quite a bit, Jon, Karen, and I went to Sweet Petite Confections for a chocolate making class.  It was very professional and organized.

We made two different types of chocolates - molds and bark.

We started with the bark by choosing from the options table.
We the broke everything we picked into small pieces and then stirred in the chocolate before laying everything out on a pan and spreading then.  Into the freezer and we ended up with yummy chocolate.
The molds started with a chocolate covering.
We then poured out the chocolate so only a thin layer remained and then piped in fillings.  Jon filled his molds a bit too much so he was using corn chips to scoop out filling and just stuffing in his mouth.
The filled molds before the last chocolate layer.
Once filled and frozen, the final pieces were very professional.
I was the only wearing white and of course chocolate ended up on me.
Great class and close to home.  I would love to take another class.

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  1. I know what everyone is going to expect at one of our next spin groups. Chocolat!