Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm a Finalist

Well when I fell in love with the Schacht Matchless spinning wheel and acquired one, I didn't know that Schacht was turning 40 this year.  To celebrate their 40th anniversary, they staged a contest for spinning and weaving.  In order to enter their contest, one had to spin up some yarn or weave some cloth on their machines.  The deadline for entry was September 1.  I entered two skeins of yarn as a novice spinner (under 2 years of spinning experience).  One was a 3-ply merino called Plum Crazy and the other was a 2-ply superwash merino called The Wiz.

Plum Crazy Close Up

Plum Crazy

The Wiz Close Up

The Wiz

I entered electronically by submitting my photos of the yarn (2 shots) as well as a photo of me on their wheel.  I guess so they have proof that you did the work on their machines.  The prizes include their 40th anniversary Cherry Matchless spinning wheel or their 40th anniversary Cherry Baby Wolf loom.

On September 16th, I received an e-mail stating that I was a finalist in their contest and requested that I send in both my skeins of yarn.  The judging will be done on October 8th.  Hopefully, I have a good chance to win - I never win at things....

I'm super excited that since I have only been spinning for about 13 months, I have produced a quality of yarn that makes me a finalist.

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  1. I found you! WOOT, you're a finalist:) Awesome.