Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DFW Fiberfest

I attended the Dallas Fort Worth Fiberfest this past weekend and it was my first time actually setting foot outside of the DFW airport. The Fiberfest was held in Addison Texas which is north of Dallas. Sue and I met in Dallas for a fiber vacation. We timed our arrival within an hour of each other and we then proceeded to pick up a rental car and headed out to Fort Worth for lunch. Sue had been to Texas many times before and she decided we should go to the Stockyards which is very rustic and cowboyish. We ate at Booger Reds and I took a picture of the bar across from our table. The bar also had stools with saddles.

We had appetizers and Sue loved the smoked salsa so much that she got a jar to got. Due to the traffic, we did not spend much time at the Stockyards and drove to our hotel which took about an hour.

The Fiberfest was awesome and the people were super friendly and there were many vendors with cool stuff to buy. There was a Ravelry meet up on Saturday during lunch and there was a cake for everyone to share.

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling

The Fiberfest featured Galina Khmeleva and Franklin Habit and the theme was lace knitting. More details will follow on the classes and vendors.

In front of the yarn of Brooks Farm

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