Monday, April 19, 2010

Supperclub with Newbies

Supperclub met on the 18th with a new feature - dinner and a movie. To celebrate Earth Day, we streamed from Netflix, "No Impact Man" with dinner. The menu's theme was spring and my entree was the main protein of Moroccan Cornish Hens. I had to shop specifically for ingredients and had to have 3 people at Henry's help me find the Marsala. Made the paste and marinade one day ahead and marinated most of the day. The hens came from CostCo and the rest from Henry's with the oranges from the CSA.

Ready to bake

Right out of the oven

We had two new members join us - Amy (friend of Kim's) and Arlene (friend of Janet's). Amy was nice enough to bring all of us a can of Italian olive oil. She made the Mustard Dressed Asparagus.

Arlene made the Beet and Blue Cheese Spread as well as the Pita Chips.

And Janet brought up the end with the Chocolate Apricot Strudel.

The food was delicious and the movie fair. It sparked a discussion about local foods and it was determined that next month would be fresh and local at Janet's.

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