Monday, September 10, 2012

Mystery KAL - Clues 2 and 3

I posted here about the new mystery knit-a-long by Laura Nelkin.  Clue 2 was a repeat of clue 1 two more times - so I ended up with three trapezoids instead of one.

Clue 3 was released after the holiday weekend and it was to connect two of the trapezoids.  I was going to knit the "thing" without beads, but decided "what the heck" and dug around my bead collection and strung beads.

Here is the finished connector.
Also the knitcompanion tutorial had some added tips that I can use for other chart patterns.  It is a great learn-a-long as well.

I had previous knit a Laura Nelkin beaded scarf for my friend Janet and it was not a fun experience.  I have to say that this time around, the beads are smaller and lighter and are more easily strung and pushed along.

I think I really like pre-strung beads now.

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