Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beef Bone Broth - Tester for BIY

Eileen has a new venture for bone broth and she gave me a package to test.
It came in a sealed bag with a bunch of ingredients so I poured it all into my Instant Pot kettle.
After filling the pot with water to the max, I set it for 120 minutes on high for soup.
After it was done, I took a sample over to Eileen for tasting and she stated that it was not quite done compared to her 14 hour slow cooker batch.

I went home and set the pot for another 120 minutes on high in soup mode and the results were comparable.
The broth is dark with a heavy taste.  After straining for all the solids and skimming a lot of the fat, it is a rich and flavorful broth.
When compared to the pork bone broth I usually prepare, I like the pork broth better but it is just a matter of taste.

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