Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earth Day Project

So for Earth Day this year, I decided to restart my worm composter.  I did some google-fu on the net and found that I could use my worm composter to recycle dog waste.  This set up an intriguing idea which eliminates the use of plastic bags to the landfill and the added benefit of fertilizer for ornamentals (not food plants).

So I decided to repurpose my existing black composter for this project which entails buying some starter supplies and worms.  Since the composter still has soil from way back, I also purchased a elevated planter so I could start a herb garden in the back.

While waiting for the supplies to come in to start that project, I purchased a separate worm composter for food waste.  It has a smaller footprint with more bins.  I have everything ready except for the worms which are enroute.
I have already started collecting food waste in a bin for my first feeding.  

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  1. oh, I really want to hear about how the poo composting works!