Tuesday, April 25, 2017

San Diego and Las Vegas Field Work

I was finally lucky enough to work in my own backyard.  My boss came out for my file review and as luck would have it, my co-worker also came out and provided a second body as well as a food partner.

I drove up and down the coast looking for people and it was mostly successful in that most of my people are still alive and well.

Beautiful scenery at La Jolla Cove where I also bought a tie-dye tank top.
I also got a great view of the bay from Point Loma.
I hosted food at Bistro Kaz, Blaze Pizza, Tom Ham's Lighthouse, and the Thai Burger Company as well as a stop to 85 C Bakery.  Good times and good food.  I still have more work in San Diego so hopefully he will come back and help me again.

I then left for Las Vegas for some follow up searches and meetings around town.  Positive time as it allowed me to meet up and hang with some of the local agents.  I also stayed with Andrea and it was a big night to meet and adopt a new baby.

He was a bit crazy and skittish upon arrival but after the foster people left, he settled down after we ate dinner and was comfortable in Andrea's lap after a hard and stressful day.  She named him Porter.

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