Sunday, April 9, 2017

Thai Burger Company

A new place in the neighborhood is Thai Burger Company.  I guess it started as a food truck and now has a little shop.
There is no seating inside as there is only a standing area in front of a counter to order.  The selection is limited as well, but you have 4 types of "burgers" and appetizers, plus drinks.
The burgers have sticky rice for bread and even though delicious, they are very filling.  We ordered one of each of the burgers except for the vegetarian one.  Chicken, pork, and beef are the size of a regular burger.  I found the beef one the best tasting.  The chicken has a curry flavor and the pork is spicy.
There are also ball skewers which come 4 to a skewer as well as potstickers and fried tofu.  All were good.

Then there are the drinks of thai tea, coffee with or without boba.  A combo for $11.00 has a skewer, a burger, and a drink and for another $2 you can get an upgraded drink with boba.

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