Thursday, November 22, 2018


It is time to reflect and be thankful for so much.  I have so much in comparison to so many.  Most important being health.  Even though I am working through some challenges, it makes me take a breath to appreciate each moment that goes by.  I am able to get out of bed and eat breakfast; I can sit at home working most of the day without any of the bother of office politics; I can take my dogs out for a walk in great weather and safety; clean water comes out of the faucet that I drink; neighbors are always looking out; friends are dear and fun; family is strong and supportive; money is plentiful; in a nutshell - life is great.

Most of the time, I take all the above for granted.  I exist day to day at times complaining about all sorts of things that don't go my way.  I don't stop to smell the flowers even though they are still blooming (at least the ones I haven't killed).  And we all should.

Life can change in an instant.  A friend of mine is going through pretty tough times now with her son having major medical issues from a fluke fall while on a trip.  He now is mostly bedridden and needs all kinds of assistance and the worst part is that I bet he thought he was on top of the world and he nothing to worry about.  He is in his late 20s and has his whole life ahead of him.  He had just moved out on his own and was starting a brand new job.  Now he is back living with his mom and will probably not work for quite a while if ever.

I had my own little spell a few months back that I'm still trying to recover from. I'm in the investigative stage now trying to figure out what is going on and how it might impact my job.  All I can do is take one day at a time and I'm super lucky that I have a core group of peeps around me helping me along the way.  Hopefully by the end of the year, I will have some answers and a direction to take.

My family is not close by so I'll be celebrating T-day with a group of friends.  It is a potluck and I'm bringing rolls that were a secret hit last year (after the dinner) so better late than never.

For now - humble gratitude and positive thoughts for us all.

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