Sunday, November 25, 2018

New Restaurants in PB

Jon and Karen took me to a new place called Tacos Mimi in Pacific Beach for some street tacos.  I ordered an asada and a fish taco and then we went right next door and got some detroit pizza from Square Pizza.

There is negligible seating area but we were in luck as we were really the only ones seated at Square Pizza and the tacos were delivered to our table there too.
The pizza was super thick and I'm not a huge fan of deep dish so I wasn't too sure but since the pieces are square and the edges are crispy, it was super good as the consistency of the dough was very similar to french bread.  Very airy and light and very tasty.
The tacos were bite size but perfect for a lighter meal.
Not too expensive as each was $2.50.  There are two sauces (red and green) but both were hot so I just had the tacos with the lime.  Delicious.  I definitely will be back for more.  Parking is pretty challenging here though but there are paid lots around.

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