Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Sewing Pattern Weights

While spending the day in Susan's sweatshop making dresses, I noted that she had these cool noodles weights to hold the pattern paper down while cutting on a board with a rotary cutter.

In the way back, I remember my mom making clothes with tissue thin patterns and pinning everything before tackling the cutting with scissors.

I thought this was an ingenious way to save time and went to the inter webs to search them out.  Sad to say, my google-fu was a failure and I think the weights Susan has are called wiggle weights but an error came back when I tried to find them.

I then happened upon this blog that gave instructions on how to make your own.  I stopped by the local hardware store and bought these 1" washers.
I then dug through my cupboards looking for ribbon that I have stashed and came up with these.
A bit a glue and some wrapping and I now have 8 pretty sewing pattern weights ready to use.  A successful DIY for me.

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