Thursday, September 22, 2016

Embroidery Class

I signed up for a two day class on the Babylock Destiny even though I don't have this machine.  I was hoping that a lot of it would be pertinent to my Ellisimo and I wasn't disappointed.  The class was held at Sewing Machines Plus in San Marcos, but they are opening a new store in Mission Bay in the spring.  I can't wait until I can just take classes in the evenings.

The teacher was Nicci Brazzell who has an embroidery business as well as making custom golf carts.  She was a great leader in taking the large class through multiple projects.

We each got kits and some of the Destiny owners brought their machines in to share.  I sat with Melinda and we had a great time.
First up was making quilt squares through embroidery and using the new software system.  My machine doesn't have the designer program and it is pretty powerful.  It was very easy to get quarter inch seams without measuring.
Next up was adding appliqué on a towel made up of some plastic material that you can chalk on and wipe off or wash.  Cute towel and used some powerful stuff on hooping and measuring.
Then a washcloth with a special technique called tack down so you can then see the embroidery on loops on the towel.
Lace was up next and we made some lace cut outs with wash away stabilizer.  This was the first part of the project as these cute flowers are to be attached to a bag.
The bag was measured by the machine and placement was set with embroidery.
I wasn't able to attach my flowers, but here is what is suppose to look like finished.
We made key fobs or label tags. It uses 2 sheets of marine grade plastic and it was a cool technique whereby you set the outline on the stabilizer, place the top piece with spray adhesive, embroider, place the bottom piece with spray adhesive, embroider the outline in satin stitch and then cut.  Nicci had snaps that we added on and I made a tag for Grace for her birthday.
We also did a coloring project, one by hand with colored pencils and one by using the machine with stitching.  Not my cup of tea so I let Melinda do those projects.  The last project was a birthday banner on burlap with appliqué.
Melinda did this project and I took notes to do it at home.  It seems that I don't have a large enough hoop so my machine won't accommodate the pattern.  I will have to wait until I get the software package I ordered which is backordered before I can edit into a size that I can use.

The store had some cool stuffed animals that you can embroider the tummy part and those sold like hotcakes to the ladies in the class.
I also saw this cool holloween quilt with appliqué that is awesome.

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