Thursday, September 8, 2016

Zipper Revelation and Little Bags

Craftsy was having a sale on classes for Labor day and I ended up with a couple of zipper classes by Joan Hawley.

The preview was intriguing and one cannot have enough little bags.

Since I have a plethora of zippers, this cool technique can double the number of zippers in inventory.  I took some of the leftover fabric from Val's bionic gear bag and made up the sweet pea and becca bags.

It took a little finessing and I ended up using the serger for parts of it, but success on the zipper technique after the first time.

Here are two sweet pea bags made from one 10" square.
Before boxing and boxing.
The becca bag was a bit easier but after I was done, it looked like the little handle was in the wrong place, but I followed the instructions and that is the only place it could go.
Love the new technique and Joan is a great teacher in that she is very clear and repeats instructions even though you can replay sections.

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