Monday, September 19, 2016

Universal Studios and Disneyland

For my birthday this year, a few friends and I celebrated by going to theme parks.  I have not been since a very long time and most of the attractions are different.

I started by picking up Andrea at the airport and we headed off to the world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.
We started at the Harry Potter attractions and had a taste of butter beer frosted.
Visited some of the shops and saw the frogs singing.
I even researched the best wand and determined mine is made of Ash.
The next day we met with up Grace and Yaling and headed for two days at Disneyland and California Adventure.
The park was all decked out for Halloween and the Haunted House was transformed.  Lots of the rides were updated or different.  There were even character houses where we took some photos.
I avoided the teacup ride, but we did get a photo in a stationary cup.
Star Wars was a big attraction and we even got a behind the scenes adventure with Kylo Ren.
Chewbacca was much nicer.
We got all the highlights of the rides and some of it was familiar.  There are interactive rides with lasers and 3D.  I did get on some of the oldie but goodie rides like the Small World boat ride.  Even the motorway where I learned to drive at the age of 12 has new sportier cars.
We had lunch at the Pirates of the Caribbean and had a snack in Adventure land before heading to see the World of Color and dessert at California Adventure.
Best seats to see the show.  We stayed close enough to the park to walk back and forth each day.

The next day had us at California Adventure where we rode some rides and saw some shows.  In the evening, we went to Napa Rose for dinner and meet up with Cal and Dave.
Awesome birthday weekend before taking Andrea back to the airport and having Din Tai Fung for lunch and some shopping at Uniqlo.

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