Friday, January 6, 2017

Goals for 2017

With a few extra days off at the beginning of the year, I had some time to think about my goals for the year.  Due to the climate, I suspect it will be a chaotic year with lots of changes.

I decided that I would take the Frugal Woods challenge to start.  I might not be able to accomplish the level of frugality that is recommended but it is a good way to re-evalute spending and goals - long and short term.

I also decided that my loom will not be naked this year for long.  I signed up for the JST online guild which should help me strengthen the basics which I glossed over in my drive to make things.  It should start this week and I can learn and plan projects throughout the year until my retreat in October.  I hope I can show off some new skills by then.

Since I have an abundance of fiber from so many great places, I'm going to set aside a specific amount of time per month to spin.  My tendency is to spin with a project in mind, but I might just need to start spinning for spinnings sake and decide what to do with the finished yarn after that.  There will be no fiber or knitting yarn buying this year for sure.  I might be tempted by some weaving yarn if needed but that decision will be taken into account with the frugal challenge.

I also want to work on some of my knitting projects that have been languishing.  I have bags of unfinished projects and will just have to pull one out at a time to finish.  I have been reading a few blogs which recommended setting up monthly bags for projects to be knit and I'll just pull a bag out at random of a WIP and work until it is finished.  Hopefully, some of these bags will be empty come the end of the year.

The epic knit project that I will start at this year and will probably go for the next 4 years (in defense of the new administration) will be to start the Evenstar shawl.  I had started this when the first clue came out and after many mistakes that I never went back to finish and the Oh Shiny syndrome that also diverted my attention.  This will be my way of silent protest.

I hope that everyone has a great 2017 - I'm hoping that it will be better than 2016.

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