Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grace's Towels Finished

I was able to get 7 and about a quarter towels off of the 4 yard warp.  I had very little yarn waste at the end but it was super difficult to weave on the last bit as I could not get a good shed so I was unable to finish the 26 inches plus another inch of plain weave.
After zigzagging the ends and in between the towels, they all went into the wash and dry.

I pressed and then cut and sewed up the hems for the extra piece which amounts to a square and the 6 towels for Grace.
For the last towel, I decided to try to use my serger with a 5/8" downturn feller to see how that would look.  
I decided even though the edge is a bit rough, I liked that there was not any extra fabric for the fold over hem.  If I do this again, I need at least 1.5" hem on each end so the fold over is still in the plain weave.

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