Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jane Stafford's Online Guild

At the weaving retreat in Salt Spring Island last year, Jane and the house group spoke about weaving guilds.  We all shared our frustration with the way many guilds are run and that they are not usually geared to beginners.  Jane hinted that she was going to do something about that.

I just joined her online guild for a flat annual rate.  Jane provides 10 video lessons per year with techniques to become a more proficient weaver.  The first episode just went live and it is all about winding warps.  Great tips that I will be using to wind my next warp.

You can sign up on her website and she even has an online forum for discussions and questions.

I did find that I was getting dizzy watching the warping reels turning.

1 comment:

  1. Warping reels make me dizzy, too, but I'm going to look into this online guild.
    What a great idea!