Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Round of Scarves

My loom goal for 2017 is that it can never be naked for any length of time.  So after Grace's towels came off, I was ready for a new warp.  Since I still have all those silk skeins and more of the cotton for warp, I went to wind a few more.
I went back and looked at my modifications and I still can't quite grasp the size of the width and centering it on the loom.  I'm off center yet again with the orange warp and I had 3 strands per dent on the raddle which is still not quite right.
I can also use some more practice tying on to the front beam as the tension is slightly wonky.  I can see I had a threading error already on the right size, but I'm leaving it as a design element.  Orange warp with green weft to start and then orange weft for the next.

Each scarf will be 2 yards (62") long with 6" of fringe on each side.  2 threads per dent in a 8-dent reed.  216 epi so I'm hoping that they will turn out the same texture as the last.

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