Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sock The Vote

The Singlehanded Knits podcast is sponsoring a Sock the Vote knit-a-long.  Each party knit socks a certain way.  Since I was a late starter to the podcast, I ended up in the green party where my socks need to have the color green in them.

I dug around my stash and found many skeins of green yarn but decided to pull out the sock blank that I made from Knit Picks yarn.  After making the sock blank, I dyed the blank with the goal of making certain kinds of patterns that match from sock to sock.
When I unraveled the blank, it was tangled on each end so I had to ball each side separately before starting the knitting.
I chose the Socks on the Plane pattern and the socks are making progress for week 1 where I have knit to the place to increase for the gusset.

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