Wednesday, June 12, 2013


In Nebraska, a stop was made at Cabela's for some uniform gear.
I was looking for a belt to replace the one that I have been using for almost ten years and I'm sad to say that although it is still in good condition, my middle has expanded to the point that I am on the last hole.

I found a great belt, but they did not have my size so I had to order and have the belt shipped.  I did find a nice fleece cover up and a new holster that does not dig into my hip preventing another bruise.

My favorite holster of all time has been banned because a couple of people ruined it for everyone else by shooting themselves.  User error makes the rest of us suffer.

They had a great display of preserved hunted animals and the exhibit was very lifelike.  I'm not a fan of hunting and the gun display at this shop was extreme. I know that California will never have one of these stores.
Polar bear with seal and arctic fox.
Musk ox - quivut in animal form.
Deer and mountain goats.
More deer.
Wild turkey.
Real sea bass.

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