Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marion's Alpaca Turn a Square

I talked to my co-hort in Texas who told me it was super cold there due to the polar vortex.  We were trying to arrange a field trip together.

I decided to knit another Turn a Square hat, this time made with my alpaca handspun yarn which I had to hold doubled to get the right gauge. 
I originally spun this yarn to make the Hemlock Ring shawl and had some left over yarn.  I used up all of the dark brown and had just this much left of the tan.
I think it turned out great and I will be putting it in the mail although it has warmed up a bit.  I guess he can wear it on his next winter trip to Chicago.

I am still sticking to my resolution for not knitting anything new for myself and using up the stash.

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