Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Old Town in Hoi An

After a short rest in our awesome beach resort, we headed to Old Town in Hoi An.  
This is said to be the oldest bridge in existence.
We saw this couple in costume ready to get married.
We did a short walking tour through the streets and saw some really old buildings and temples.
These were very cool incense hung from the ceiling.
This is sort of like a open air sitting room with birds in the cages.
We went into a few buildings and saw cool furniture.
We walked across the ancient bridge which had a small worship room in the center.
These two alters were at each end of the bridge.
We also took a ride on the bicycle carts through the village.

And then had dinner at Tam Tam Cafe.
After dinner, we walked a bit and did some shopping in the night market.  We ended up with a few of these lanterns that looked so great in display.

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