Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ngon Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh

After Cu Chi, we returned to Ho Chi Minh City and had a great lunch at this open air restaurant named Ngon.  The premise was to walk around the outer ring and look over all the offerings available and then we headed up to our dining area to have a sampling of the most popular dishes.
A few of the stations:
As we headed to the dining room, the views were great.
The sampling menu included a little bit of everything.
After the sampling, we were able to head back downstairs and pick other items we wanted to try like a huge buffet.  I decided to go with pho which I always love at home and here it is authentic.
A very filling lunch and we were told that it is almost impossible to get into this place without having a reservation which has to made at least a week in advance.

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