Sunday, February 12, 2017

Beef Wellington

I have been interested in trying Gordon Ramsey's beef wellington recipe and finally got the chance with Val's visit from Colorado.

Baby portobellos and chestnuts processed and then cooked to remove the liquids.
Pan sear the fillet and brushed with mustard.
Proscuitto was a pain to separate and make into an overlapping layer.
Next the mushroom spread.
Then the fillet.
And wrapped in plastic and chilled.
Wrapped in puff pastry and chilled again.
Out of the oven.
Perfectly cooked and delicious.  Jon and Karen joined Val and I and they brought a green bean and tomato salad and the flourless chocolate cake to round out the meal.
Definitely a repeater!

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  1. That beef wellington was the bomb! It was so good as were the side dishes and desserts. Great folks to east with as well!