Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Contest - 4th Place

As I had previously posted on August 3, I entered a photo for a contest to see whether I would be able to win a skein of yarn dyed in the colors inpsired by my photo.  I entered a colorful salad that was made for supperclub.

My photo did make the top five and the voting commenced.  Sadly I placed 4th so I didn't win the contest.  Angela contacted me and stated that since she was inspired by my colorful salad, she did use the inspiration to dye some yarn and fiber.

Here is the yarn which she offered to me with a discount since I did place in the top five.  She is offering the fiber in the same colorway.

I think the colors from the photo are well represented in the finished product.  Don't you?  I believed she did a great job!

I may have to fall off the sheep to buy some of this since it was inspired by Kim's salad.

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