Monday, August 30, 2010

Great Alaskan Vacation

After leaving Seattle on August 9, we headed north on the ms Amsterdam captained by Olav van der Waard.  The sun was low on the horizon as we set sail to our first port of Ketchikan after a day at sea. There is a great resource sponsored by Microsoft called the Digital Workshop manned by a Techspert teaching classes on how to use your digital camera and editing photos on Microsoft software with a bevy of other great computer skills.  The Techspert on this cruise was Billy Oh, the traveling photographer for the Harlem Globetrotters.  He was a self-proclaimed nerd and imparted a ton of camera and computer information.

The weather on this 14 day cruise could not have been better and except for one day of being wet and windy, the rest of the days were warm and sunny.

The itineraray:
  • Monday - embark Seattle
  • Tuesday - sea day
  • Wednesday - Ketchikan
  • Thursday - Sitka
  • Friday - Skagway
  • Saturday - Glacier Bay
  • Sunday - sea day
  • Monday - Anchorage
  • Tuesday - Homer
  • Wednesday - Kodiak
  • Thursday - Hubbard Glacier
  • Friday - Juneau
  • Saturday - sea day
  • Sunday - Victoria BC
  • Monday - disembark Seattle
Here is a movie I learned how to make in class with the photos in order of the ports.  We were not able to include Victoria as the shipped docked at 4:00 pm and left at 11:00 pm arriving in Seattle at 7:00 am the next day.
Here is a photo I took while cruising the Glacier Bay.  There was a block of ice on shore that looked like a small animal.  It wasn't until I cropped the photo that I had a flash of sasquach.
It is totally amazing to view the glaciers and have a perspective of how large they really are.  Here is a picture with some canoers in the bay which gives a view of the magnitude of the ice forms.
We were also able to see husky puppies during a tour in Anchorage.  They were so adorable it was hard not to just hide one in my coat to take home.  This puppy was about 6 weeks old and was quite active.
Highlights included sightseeing, shopping, a massage, eating, knitting, reading, daily sudoku, awesome weather, learning, and more eating.

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