Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pike's Market, Bainbridge Island, and Mom's Birthday

Woke up to drizzly weather in cool Seattle and after a quick breakfast, we headed out to Pike's Market.
The Fish Market was hopping as usual.
Lobster tails were larger than life.
Flowers abounded everywhere.
There were many stalls for the farmer's market where we saw these beautiful heads of cauliflower.
As usual there was a line at the Starbucks.
The weather cleared up a bit and we had lunch at Pike's Place Chinese Cuisine where the waitress it turns out came from a neighboring village in China from Dad's.  Life stories were exchanged with the wait staff and the proprietor who invited us back for lunch the next day.

After a lunch of noodles and fried rice, we walked down to the wharf and took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.  We boarded the Wenatchee and took off with the city at our back.
We did a little sightseeing, shopping, and walking.  Flowers and trees were in bloom and on the walk back to the ferry, we saw a family of ducks and a mom raccoon and baby.
After a little rest, we went to dinner at Palisades to celebrate Mom's birthday.
She had a duo of lobster.
Dad had salmon.
And I rounded it out with ahi tuna.
We also shared an appetizer of duck with buns and seafood chowder.

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  1. Hope you didn't get hit with a flying salmon at the fish market! Dinner looks fantastic!