Saturday, August 7, 2010

CostCo, Friends, Rain, Seattle

After a hearty breakfast at the Red Lion Inn and a stop off at CostCo for some gas (in Oregon, someone else pumps the gas for you), we hit the road north again.  It was sunny at the start of the trip and slowly the sky turned gray and the vegetation became greener.
After crossing the border and hitting Vancouver, we stopped at another CostCo for a gift purchase and a restroom break.  The bathrooms have Dyson hand dryers which I have only seen in European public restrooms.
There are quite a few waterways and bridges.
We continued onto Tacoma to visit a very old friend whom we haven't seen for 40 years.
After a short visit and plans made to meet for dinner, we hit the road again to rainy Seattle.  We are staying at the Hotel Monaco on 4th Avenue and it is very well appointed.  You can even request a gold fish in a bowl to keep you company in your room.
After meeting up again with the Fongs, we headed to the Brooklyn for dinner on the recommendation from the front desk.  Mom and I had King Salmon and Dad had Halibut.  The clam chowder was thick and creamy with huge chucks of clams - very delicious.
We had the valet take a group photo in front of the restaurant.  On the walk back, it had stopped raining and the temperature was very pleasant.

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