Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Butchart Gardens

Even though we did not arrive at the Gardens until late in the day, there was enough sunlight to take some photos.  I have to admit that the photos don't do justice to the gardens.  It is a beautiful place to visit and my mom stated that if she lived in Victoria, she would be visiting the gardens every day.  We did learn that there is a large population of retirees living in Victoria.  There was no time for shopping and we took pictures until our camera batteries gave up.
Just to put these blooms in perspective, I had my Dad place his hand up against the flower.  They were just enormous.


  1. Beautiful... it brought back memories of my visit to Victoria and Vancouver in 1991...

  2. Just gorgeous!! I love great flowers!

  3. I know right? I now have all these blooms as my screen saver slideshow. Now everything pales in comparison.