Friday, July 29, 2016

Adjustments to Weaving

So I was not happy with what I was getting and my plain weave wasn't.  I joined a couple of Facebook weaving groups and got some advice.  So I did some un-weaving and then cut off all the knots.
I then switched the reed to an 10 dpi one and decided to do 2 epi per slot and make it a bit narrower since I wound on way too wide.

2 epi per slot which makes it 20" wide instead of 18".  I centered the reed a bit as well to try to fix the left side of the piece.

Here we go again.
Close up of the hemstitch.
Ugh, it looks like I still have an error in the heddles.  After ripping back and retying, I leaving it as a design element.
I also pulled out the other silk skein and will try to weave some of this on the rust warp.  The autumn colors are kind of one note so maybe adding the contrasting color will pop it some.  I'm planning the opposite as well as I got some green cotton for another warp.

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