Thursday, July 28, 2016

Loom is Dressed

After all my company left, I spent the day doing laundry and dressing the loom.  It was easier on the body, but still took some time as it is new.
First was the raddle and winding the warp on the beam.
I think I didn't take into account the real width by using 2 strands in the raddle.  The width of the scarf is really too wide.
Dressing by myself was super easy and I didn't think I had any issues until I got to the end.
I had this one super long strand that is too short for the entire length.  I crossed my fingers and cut the ends and had very little waste.
Threading the heddles was pretty easy except for the stickiness of the heddles themselves as they are new and wanted to clump.
Tying on the cloth beam was pretty good as well.
I picked up some tips from Laura Fry and used knots.

Weaving commenced with one skein of the silk taking up 8 bobbins.
6" of fringe and a length of 2 yards.  I used a 6 dent reed with 3 ends per dent.  Not quite a plain weave.

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