Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Santa Rose Snafu

I have been knitting along on the Santa Rosa sweater and am behind in the clues.  Clue 2 came out when I was visiting Val in Colorado so I got a late start.

I was knitting along happily and changed from color 2 to 3 and got to near the end of the sweater body and realized that I had yet to change to color 4.  I went back to look at the instructions as clue 3 has been released to discuss the sleeves.

What I discovered is that I did not read the requirements for the sleeves correctly and instead of saving 1/3 of the skein for the 2 sleeves, I only saved enough for the striping sequence in the sleeves.  Needless to say, I now have a dilemma as to whether to go on and have weird colors for the sleeves or to frog back to color 2 and unknit until I have at least 32 grams of the color and then changing to color 3.

Color 2 will have to be smaller as will color 3 to allow me to add color 4.
I only saved 15 grams of color 2 and color 3 currently has 40 grams and color 4 hasn't even been started.

This project will be in time out for a bit so I can build my confidence with other projects so I won't feel terrible in ripping out all that knitting to start again.

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