Saturday, July 16, 2016

Los Angeles Field Trip

I spent a few days in Los Angeles doing field work and I'm glad it was cooler than expected. I just got in right before the heat wave hit.  Traffic is congested as usual and you just have to be patient getting from one place to the other.

It was a very productive trip and I got a few things resolved but I opened a can of worms for other things.  It was a good educational trip and I learned a bunch of new things.

For meals, the investigator I was with was super easy for food and our first lunch was at Marie Calendars which I have not been to in ages.  They had a special lunch deal of your choice of burgers and a slice of pie.  This was the pie tray when we arrived.
We both had burgers and pie.  Strawberry for me.
They also gave us two free muffins which were huge that became my breakfast for the next few days.

The next day, we stopped at a greek place.
Low key with lots of framed pictures of the hollywood set.  The gyro wrap was very tasty.
We arrived around noon and there was no one in the place and while we sat, the place became crowded with lots of takeout orders.

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