Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Crafty Weekend

Since it was so hot, I stayed home and crafted while watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning in anticipation of the new series.

I first finished the Bifrost scarf.
While knitting this up, I had a chance to watch some of the second Thor movie - apropos.

I also spun up some of the polworth silk I had prepped for me hoping to make some room for Mr. Cool's fleece to arrive.
I made progress on the Snowflake scarf on the loom and then pulled out the napkin kit and wound the warp.
This is the order of the colors.
I also 99% finished up Val's sewing bag.  All that is left is tacking down the tabs on either side of the zipper and making the dumpling dish.
I also hemmed up a woven rug project while on the sewing machine.  It is ready for the washing machine for fulling.
Productive weekend.  I also pulled out some equipment and supplies and half heartedly organized some of it.  I need to really buckle down and finish up some in progress projects.

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