Sunday, August 21, 2016

Merino Scarf for the Steitzhof Farm

I had disclosed that Jeri and I bought almost all the fleeces from the Steitzhof farm this year at Black Sheep Gathering.

She washed up a bit and spun up some yarn and knit a beautiful shawl for Mr. Cool's mom.  I got the remainder to weave up a scarf for Mr. Cool's dad.

I pulled out the little balls and wound the warp up.
96 warp ends for a 2 1/2 yard scarf on an 8 dents per inch reed.

Mr. Cool, Cash, Tulip, and Luna with a little extra moorit color fleece to add some interest.

Bobbins are wound with all the yarn I have.
The Ashford table loom is being dressed and it is was a little fiddly and I lost the cross, but it wound out fine.  All tied on, fringe length measured out and weaving.

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