Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Walking Bag for Andrea

I had previously made some dog walking bags with a cute pouch in the front for unrolling the poop bags and it works great with a small water bottle, phone, and keys.  The strap is long enough to cross the body and it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Andrea has one of these bags and walks ALOT.  Since she is in the desert, she carries a large water bottle and the depth of this little bag just doesn't cut it.

She asked for a deeper bag for summer walking so I searched for the original pattern and couldn't find it.  I pulled out some fabric that Val gave me and I estimated the size by measuring the bag I have.  It was all haphazard and then I set about piecing it all together with lining and pockets.

I had to refer to one of my craftsy classes - Bag Making Basics by Kristen Link and it was a good refresher.  There were some differences in construction, but I'm satisfied with the final project.  Here it is next to the original bag.
The new bag doesn't have the little opening on the front pocket but it is deep enough for her 10" bottle.
Pocket inside as well.
And the back.

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