Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Weaving

The second two scarves are off the loom.  These were done using the same silk as the previous attempt however, I used the 8 dpi reed this time with 2 epi in each slot.  I like the green warp quite a bit.
Very little loom waste yet again and I'm hoping the washed fabric will be looser.  Cutting and fringe work before the washer.

Next in the queue are the Margarita napkins.  A very long 10 yard warp so it took a bit of time winding on.  The thread is very thin so lots of tangling.
I should end up with 12 - 20" x 20" napkins.  I did have some loom waste at the beginning.
One of my colors was much shorter than the others.  I'm in the process of threading the heddles, but am waiting for the 12 dpi reed to arrive in the mail.  I"m hoping it comes by next week so the loom doesn't get lonely.

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