Sunday, August 7, 2016

Snowflake Scarf Challenge

Some more time spent weaving and I have found that this new loom cuts way down on the waste and I don't need quite as much extra warp as I have before.  The pattern calls for 25 repeats of the full pattern and a shortened version for the last bit.  Previously with my adaptations, I was able to get 30 repeats.  With the same warp length, I was able to do 39 repeats with the last bit added on.  I probably could have done quite a bit more, but I had a couple of warp threads break.
I used the great tip from Jane's workshop and the cones from the towel project that I saved.
This is the warp waste I ended up with as I just about run out on the shuttle as well.
Now to wash and twist fringe.

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  1. Beautiful weaving, Maggie. I've done that pattern many times and love it.