Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aidan AKA Peanut

After much sadness at the Miller household, a new spirit has invaded the house.  His name is Aidan also known as Peanut, a 4 month old boy.  He is pretty adorable with very big ears, big paws and long legs.  He is also a big talker and you can hear him purring a room away.
He has a nice room by himself now so Bear can adjust to a new upstart in his world.  So far, it is touch and go with each going to their respective corners.  Bear makes a point to hiss at the door of the newbie's room as he walks down the hall.
Peanut has to make do with his new stuffed friend "Kitty."  He is a wiggle worm and will not hold still for photos.  This is one with Val after about 6 takes.  Notice the stranglehold.
So instead, I tried a new thing - video on my Olympus camera.  Here is the video of him playing with a mouse controlled by Val.


  1. Ah kittens, got to love them. We have a siamese, black and white american shorthair, persian mix. He is adorable. Really sweet kitty.