Tuesday, July 6, 2010

San Diego Fair

Jan and I volunteered at the San Diego Fair on its last day by performing a demonstration of spinning in the Agribarn.  We had a lot of interest and questions.  I think we were able to educate some youngsters and not so much youngsters about the craft.
We then had some lunch.  I was sadly lacking in food stuff that was portable and could stay cold so I had to break down and buy a hot dog.  Just a plain hot dog was $5.50.  My stomach was churning looking at all the food offerings where everything in sight was deep fried.  We also stopped and had a chocolate brownie for $2.00 and it was delicious but too large for a single sitting.  Half of the brownie came home with us.  Jan had coffee with hers and I downed some water with mine.

We also shopped some before heading to the San Diego Creative Weavers Guild booth for our second volunteer gig.  I bought some bamboo towels which are suppose to be 5 times more absorbent than cotton.  It was a pretty light blue color which matches my bathroom exactly.  I looked for the car lumbar inserts but none were to be found.  It was amazing the things that were for sale.

Jan and I spent our time in the Guild booth arm twisting people who walked by into learning a new craft called Kumihimo which is a Japanese braiding technique.  We gave out most of the braiding disks and I was hoping that in the future, people will be walking about the fair braiding as they go.

I also checked out the displays and saw my two entered items.  Here are the photos.  I had a small first prize ribbon sticker on both and both tags also had a little sticker with a $ sign.  
I'm not sure what that means but I was notified by the Fair that I won an award from the Silvergate Lacers.  Sadly I missed the award ceremony so I will have to wait until I get my items back before I see what I won.

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