Friday, July 23, 2010

My New Ashford Loom

I was skulking through Ravelry and saw a for sale post on Ashford looms.  When I clicked the post, I saw that Dawn who is in Wisconsin had a few Ashford table looms for sale.  The prices were more than half off of new and I was excited when I saw they were 8 harness looms.  I sent her a quick note and she asked that I call to discuss.  It seems that she acquired quite a few from a store that was going out of business and she had one with a couple of flaws for $325.  I jumped at that and in the post it came.  Dawn had to spend another chunk of money to ship since her quote to me was low and I really appreciated that.

It arrived by UPS in the evening and when I opened everything up, I found that there was a mishap and the wood where a screw went through for the reed arm had broke off so the screw had no place to go.
After consulting with Dawn, she was kind enough to forward information for replacement as well as refunding the amount of the replacement.  After talking with Fox Glove Fibers - the US Ashford distributor, the piece was ordered and will be coming in a few days.  This is not a true 8 harness since it has the 4 harness plus 4 set up.  You can see by the two parts of the housing.
I got a copy of the instructions for adding a 4 to a 4 so I'm set when the piece does arrive next week.  I'm excited about doing some serious weaving with 8 harnesses....

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