Thursday, February 21, 2013


While visiting Val, one of the highlights is sewing and quilting.  I was able to have a lesson with Sandy on the Judy Neimeyer glacier star quilt pattern that I am starting.  I had purchased the fabric and cut some of the pieces needed to start sewing but did not get around to it on my last visit.

I was able to spend a day learning what I needed to do and after the day, I was able to finish two of the block sections.

The center star is complete.
As is the first round of geese in the round.
I did work up the next triangular section but wasn't able to line up the lines to sew them together.  I also needed a consult on the fabric choices as to which fabrics went with each section.  Sandy came by the next day to help pull everything together and I was able to cut out all the fabric and bag everything separately.  No more sewing was done on the quilt.

We went by two quilt shops - the Fig Leaf which also sells furniture and the Quilter's Stash.

I purchased some flannel for a baby quilt for my cousin Angie in the colors and themes she decided on.
At the Quilter's Stash, I saw a finished glacier star on the wall.
And my next Neimeyer quilt - mariner's compass.
I love these colors so I ended up purchasing the kit.
It will probably take me over a year to finish my first Neimeyer quilt, but I have the next one all ready to go.

I also couldn't resist this cute quilt.
So I bought this kit as well.
I was able to finish my cousin's baby quilt before coming home and it is so soft.
Timmy was also helping in the sewing.


  1. I am always in awe of the amount of fibery things you accomplish. When do you sleep???