Friday, February 1, 2013

Bowl'd Again

I was able to meet up with Jude at Bowl'd again for dinner while in the Bay Area.  I tried something different this time and had the Korean Noodles with chicken which was pretty tasty with just a touch of heat.
Jude had the spicy chicken stew and it was mouth-on-fire hot.
We shared a couple of appetizers - Kimchee pancakes
Mung Bean pancakes.
The food was good as usual.

We also exchanged gifts and I got the traded batts of fiber which includes all kinds of "princess" fiber.  
As I had discussed back in November, I had carded with Jude's electric carder some merino and silk that I had dyed way back in the past with Jeri.

The colors were very lovely and Jude stated she loved it so I gave it to her and she traded me with this lovely stuff in return.

She also got me a cute sheep mug.
And some plastic tubes for transporting supported spindles.

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