Thursday, January 31, 2013

Month End Report for January

Well it is the end of the first month and here is my progress on my goals.


I was tempted right off the batt on the first day of the year when Craftsy e-mailed me about the new Block of the Month quilt class which is free.  However, the class could be bundled with the fabric to make the quilt.  I actually put it in my cart along with the backing fabric and walked away from my computer.

After watching the Rose parade and spinning for my new sweater, I did not look again until the next day and lucky for me the quilt fabric kits were all sold out.  I was able to dodge that bullet.  It would have been very sad if I could not have lasted one day into the new year.

I did get the class and decided to use the fabrics that I already have in the house so it will be a scrappy quilt with left overs from various other projects that I have worked on.

I also did some virtual shopping as I saw this pattern for a sweater that I was interested in knitting - Pecan Crush by Carol Feller.  The yarn recommended for the pattern is Madeline Tosh Pashmina which I have some skeins but not enough for the sweater.  I scoped out some shops and even added the yarn to my cart, but in the end I resisted as I have two Carol Feller sweaters in the works right now and I need to finish those before starting another one of her sweaters.

I also avoided the Interweave sale on books, magazines, and media products.  There are some super good deals there, but I had to rationalize that I have a bunch of their stuff and haven't utilized most of it.  I have to repeat to myself - "there will be other sales."

I made my payment on the balance for the March spinning retreat in Texas that I committed to last year.


Knitting - I was able to finish knitting the Soar socks as I posted here.  I also finished and sent off the commission knitting I undertook at the end of last year.  Other works in progress include the Lily shawl, the Featherweight cardigan, and the celtic cable sweater.

Spinning - I finished spinning both the color and the solid portions of my new handspun sweater project.  

Weaving - No weaving took place this month, but I have a buyer for my 36" floor loom.  As soon as the towels are off the loom, I will contact the buyers to come and pick it up so they can start on their new weaving adventure.

Sewing - I decided to try to keep pace with the above mentioned Block of the Month quilt and finished the January project.

Organizing and Purging

Alas, no organizing or purging happened this month.

But I did work out most days of the month.  No weight has been lost this month.

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